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  • CUB Pride!
    Four current 4th Graders scored PERFECT scores on one or more of
    their TCAP Assessments last year.  These students were recognized by the Board of Education during their meeting on Monday, September 9, 2013.  Way to go CUBS!  Your achievement is astounding!Winograd K-8 School TCAP Platinum Award Winners & Teachers
    Back Row:  3rd Grade Teachers - Mrs. Santos & Mrs. Murray 

    Front Row:  Alaina - Writing, Charlotte - Math,
    Mya - Math, Zoey - Writing & Math
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September COURAGE Assembly
T-Time Reading, TCAP, & Compassion Awards
Our September COURAGE Assembly found the CUBS celebrating our many achievements.  A drawing was held to choose two students from each grade who had turned in their T-Time reading slips.  These students were then allowed to pick out a new book to add to their collection.

Bronze awards were given to students who improved in at least one proficiency level during our spring TCAP testing.  Silver awards were given to students who scored at least Proficient in all of their content areas.  Gold awards were given to students who scored all Advanced on their three tests.  And, our school had five 4th graders who received the Platinum award for earning a perfect score on one or more sections of the test.  

Two students from each class were awarded Compassion Awards.  And, our Intermediate and Advanced Orchestra helped close the assembly with our school song.  

It was a great time of
celebration for our school!


 Middle School Sports

In A League of our OWN!
V-Ball Action  
The A-Team Volleyball group competed at Bella Romero K-8 School Wednesday afternoon, September 24th.  The A Team won both of their games.  The team will next play at Winograd on Wednesday, October 1st at 4:30 p.m.  The B Team will play first, followed by the A Team.
The Swim team will compete Wednesday, the 1st at 3:30 p.m. at the Greeley Recreation Center.  They will compete against all middle school swimmers in an All City Meet.
The Cross Country team traveled to Loveland on Friday, September 26th.  They competed in the Sweetheart Invitational hosted by Walt Clark Middle School at the old Larimer County Fairgrounds.  Kylie Kravig was the first CUB girl to cross the finish line.  Jonathan Fausto was the first CUB boy to cross the finish line.


Caring CUBS Connect
C3 is In The House!
All Winograd students and faculty engaged in our monthly Caring CUBS Connect, (C3) activity on Wednesday morning, September 10th.  This month we focused on "Compassion."  Many small groups watched a video about random acts of kindness and paying it forward.  They then used the rest of their time to set goals for the year, both in school and at home.  
Here are some pictures of our time together.
Ms. Prewett's class watches the video in the library using
one of our new Promethean Boards.
Ms. Niccoli's group takes a break from goal-setting
to pose for a picture.
Members of Mrs. Tellez' group get to work
setting their goals.


First COURAGE Assembly   
Our CUBS are in a League of our OWN!

We kicked off the 2014-215 year with an action packed COURAGE Assembly.  The entire school was witness to an amazing display of school spirit and unity.

We engaged in our usual COURAGE Assembly traditions celebrating our COURAGE Award winners, and singing the school song with the band.  And, we had our fundraiser kick-off, a skit about anti-bullying, and a special surprise of our own version of the ALS Benefit Ice Bucket Challenge.


Mrs. Warden, Ms. Watson & Mrs. Sage all accepted the challenge first.  They then encouraged Mr. Pell, Ms. Niccoli & Ms. Bressler to join them.  Mrs. Hughes-Coffman surprised the crowd by joining Mr. Pell in his "pond."

 Winograd CUBS are clearly in a League of our OWN! 

Parent Information Night
Thursday, August 21st 

Thanks for supporting our CUBS!


All CUBS parents and guardians were invited to our Parent Information Night which took place on Thursday, August 21st.  Adults were able to meet with their child(ren)'s teachers including their home room teachers, and elective and specialist teachers.  The WPTO was there as well.  Many enjoyed the sample snacks from Fun Services, our fundraising vendor for the fall.


We celebrate the families who used this perfect opportunity to learn more about our school, what goes on in our classrooms, and our goals and expectations for the year.  


A Fitting Tribute 
to an AWESOME teacher! 
 M J-H
At the last staff meeting of the year, the staff presented a sign to honor Mrs. Jansen-Hedricks upon her retirement.  She established our school's outdoor classroom in the fall of 2006 when she first came to the school as a 6th grade Science teacher.  The flourishing habitat is a testament to her faithful dedication to her students, our school and our earth.  We will miss her and wish her well!
The Last day of the
2013-2014 year...
Our CUBS were busy!
We celebrated the last day of our school year together in many ways.  We started the day with the 8th Grade Celebration Breakfast.  We had the Middle School Awards at 9 a.m., and our Kindergarten Celebration at 11 a.m.
The 3rd graders had a pizza party to celebrate their awesome TCAP scores.  The 2nd graders had a picnic, the 1st graders had a BBQ, and we all enjoyed treats and yearbook signings in our rooms.  And our CUBS also went to their regularly scheduled Art, Music, PE, Library, & Technology classes!
We hope our students had a safe summer as they play, read, relax, and investigate.  We'll see you all back at the school on Thursday, August 14th!

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