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D6 schools will be swimming in the NCAC with middle schools from Estes Park, Loveland, Severance, Valley, and Windsor. There will be five meets and JV and Varsity Conference meets. The District will have two teams. 

Team One

  • Team One will be housed through Heath Middle School.
  • All students who attend Brentwood, Heath, Romero Academy, and Salida del Sol should register to participate on this team. 

Heath Swim Team Registration

Team Two

  • Team Two will be housed through Winograd K-8.
  • All Students who attend Franklin, McAuliffe, Prairie Heights, and Winograd should register to participate on this team. 

Winograd Team Registration


Practices will be held at the Greeley Rec. Center Pool. 

For practices, coaches for both teams will collaborate in coaching all athletes to allow flexibility around school schedules and family activities. First practice date is Monday, August 14th. Afternoon practices will be held Monday - Friday from 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

For more information, please contact: 

  • Heath Middle School: 970-348-3411
  • Brian Breese at Winograd: 970-348-2618
  • Chris Cline, District 6 Athletic Director: 970-348-6302

All athletes must be picked up within 15 minutes at the end of practice or a meet. Please, for your child's safety, do not leave them waiting at the rec center. Habitual lateness may result in your student being suspended from a meet. 


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